Who should use contraception?

Contraception is a word that really means ways of avoiding Pregnancy, but it is also often used when talking about protecting sexual health in general.

There are various methods of contraception and details are given in the contraception section of this website. However, it is only male and female Condoms that can provide protection against sexually-transmitted Infections (STIs).

The question of who is responsible for the use of contraception is much debated. The simple way of looking at it is that contraception should be used by anyone having a sexual relationship who wants to avoid the risk of pregnancy. Condoms will give protection to both partners against STIs. Each person is responsible for their own sexual health, and has a responsibility to their partner to talk about Safer sex that is enjoyable and agreeable to them both. For more information, also see the safer Sex section of this website.

Staying sexy and healthy and happy means feeling comfortable with your decisions around contraception and safer sex.

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