Women’s Issues

Gynaecological problems are the most commonly reported conditions for women living with HIV or AIDS. Many of the problems women with HIV experience also affect HIV negative women.

However, these conditions usually occur more frequently and are more serious and more difficult to treat in women with damaged immune systems.

Cervical pre-cancers are changes to cells in the cervix, which, if left untreated, would become cancerous. Cervical cancer is a preventable condition and when diagnosed early can be cured. In HIV positive women, pre-cancers are much more common than in HIV negative women but do not necessarily develop into cervical cancer. It is possible to detect cellular abnormalities in the cervix by regular smear tests.

Taking therapy during pregnancy is quite a complex area. You should seek advice, if you are Pregnant or want to be, on HIV treatment.  HIV treatment during pregnancy has an important role in preventing transmission to the baby. 

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