Young Men

Is it really true that only young women are interested in relationships and that young men aren’t interested in taking care of themselves and their partners?  NO!  It’s not true that boys are only interested in sex and don’t have strong feelings. 

Is it really true that all young men want to have sex all the time too? NO! The truth is some boys feel a lot of pressure from their friends to be “up for it” all the time and boast about how much sex they are having.  This means that some young men make up stories to appear cool and end up having to remember what fibs they’ve made up!

While we don’t claim to have all the answers to all your problems you could go and visit one of the young people’s services or even approach a youth worker that you trust and talk over things with them.

They won’t be:

  • Judging you
  • Thinking that you’re stupid
  • Thinking you’re a big girl’s blouse

They will be:

  • Welcoming
  • Confidential
  • Offering you some ideas and choices for you to think about
  • Really pleased you’ve come in


If you’re worried about having picked up a sexually transmitted infection (STI) the Sexual Health and Reproductive Service or Integrated Sexual Health Clinics (formerly Genito-urinary GUM) services can check it out and treat it for you.  Some men don’t show any signs of having an STI even though they might have one.  So we recommend that you come and get a regular 6 monthly MOT to check everything is OK if you’re having sex, especially if you have a new partner.

They can also show you how to check your testicles (balls) regularly for early warning signs of any problems.  Even if you are not having sex, sexual health services can give you support and information about your sexual health before you become sexually active.

Another option available to you would be to talk to friends, family or clinic staff about any issues concerning you about sexuality.

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